09 / 10 / 12 a.m. / Saturday Service

Trans Air Express specializes in critical time bound deliveries and ceaselessly strives to meet customer expectations. We seek to enhance the business prospects of our valued clients by getting their shipments delivered to the specified destinations within specific time frame. Our services ensure that the consignees get the shipments within the given time. Although priority charges apply on such products, it is assured of timely delivery. In addition, our 09 / 10 / 12 a.m. / Saturday Service delivery is ideal for studying or working individuals. If you are one among them, you can choose any time in between 9-12 A.M. for shipping cargoes or couriers. This facilitates the receiver in having a convenient option for scheduling his time. Our Saturday delivery service offers convenience for time-critical shipments. Our guaranteed delivery and commitment times are dependent on the timings of the service you choose and the destinations. Whether you need to deliver heavy or light package, we are here to offer you top notch Monday to Friday 9/10/ 12 am and Saturday service to get your consignments delivered on time. Some of the key features of such service include:

  • Guaranteed delivery within specified time
  • Special Saturday delivery service
  • Online tracking facility
  • Best value for money
  • Electronic proof of package delivery
  • Shipments are delivered the next working day following the day of collection
  • Coverage across geographic areas
  • Delivery to major cities
  • Delivery of shipments of various sizes.
We understand that speed counts when it comes to delivery of package and documents and hence provide Monday to Friday 9/10/ 12 am and Saturday delivery services to offer you complete peace of mind. With our cost effective services you can rely on Trans Air Express and have as much flexibility as possible. We make efforts to get your shipments delivered in the fastest time.